Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grand Intentions...Now on the back burner

Well I truly have the best of intentions and grand hopes for my aprons, but then reality kicks in and stops me in my tracks. I did finally get the sewing room all organized and cleaned up. Then I divided out all of my fabrics into my 6 apron designs based on what colors/ combinations inspired me for which designs. Next, I began cutting!! I got through 1 whole design stack, which was really not my intention as I wanted to get a few of each made and then continue on that way, but once I got to cutting it was really so much easier to just finish that pile. Ok, still no problem, I got 16 cut and ready to sew, pending accent fabric choices. This is a great thing!

Then I stopped. I dont know why, really can't place my finger on just what happened, but I was running around like crazy and just realized its been almost a month since I began this organizing and sewing marathon! No good. So of course, late into the night I lie awake thinking of all the things that I do when I am getting ideas and cant sleep. with all those thoughts jumbling around in there and ideas hatching left and right I decided that I just needed to go into the sewing room pick up one apron off the pile and sew it. Just that simple, no big plans, no grand intentions, just get one done, during Logan's nap, just one. Then tomorrow do the same. And so on and so forth. So I got through the morning, put the munchkin down, got ready, pulled the first one off the stack and got ready to sew...

As I planned out the accents and my thread color etc, The minutes ticked by and I realized that he was still chattering away to himself, not sleeping. This was not going to turn into one of those days with no nap was it?? No way. Not after I had gotten everything out and set up and finished my lunch and was in the zone...

Yep, you guessed it. One of those days with no nap!!!!! arghhh! Why today?!?! I tell you, this is the way it always works out. The days I only have icky things to do like ironing or cleaning bathrooms, he sleeps like a dream for hours on end. The days I want to do something fun, just for me, no nap! It's a conspiracy, I tell you, a conspiracy!!!!

Well, there you have it, one more day with no apron made. I will try again tomorrow, hopefully with better luck than today. Now of course I just need to figure out what on earth I am going to do to keep him awake for the next 5.5 hours!!! sigh. Wish me luck ;)

Have a lovely day & happy baking
~ Alicia

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