Friday, May 13, 2011

Hand Picked Posies - Farmhouse Full Apron

Our newest apron style debuts today with our Hand Picked Posies! I am excited to bring you this new take on a few of our previous aprons. This apron is simple, sweet, practical and fun! 

I have been working towards a good every day apron for a while now and finally feel like this might be a good option. Dont get me wrong, I love my more vibrant detailed aprons and wear them often. However, when Im really spending the day in the kitchen, I want something I can throw on with anything and feel like I can really get my hands dirty. Of course, with me, that means by extension my apron as I tend to use the skirt to pull hot lids off pans, wipe my hands when they are too messy to turn the page in the recipe book and to dry up after washing. So I really need something that works the way I do. I hope you'll agree that this sweet little apron will really meet your needs too. 

Besides all the hard working stuff, I absolutely love the way this apron makes me feel like I've been transported to the farm where I am just stepping onto the back porch ready to ring that dinner bell and call all the folks in for some down home goodness, no matter where I truly happen to be!

The Farmhouse Apron is designed with a nice full coverage bib at the top to keep you splatter free. Ties around the neck are long and make a nice bow or knot. The waistband and waist ties are also generous allowing for a long bow in back or pull them around front for a cute little detail there. I love that when worn with the tie in the front it creates the perfect strap to hang a hand towel from! Two big pockets are placed upon the skirt at a diagonal for a comfortable perch and perfect to hold the necessities. The skirt itself is very full and gathered behind the waistband for a pretty detail and extra roominess for grabbing those lids from the stove ;) *

I hope you love this apron as much as I do, and I hope that you will send me feedback if there are changes you would like to see.

So here it is! Ready and waiting for you to take a little look~see

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Happy Baking Y'all!

*Please use caution if using the apron in this way as it is not designed as a hot pad nor does it have any additional thickness to keep hands from burning.

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