Monday, November 21, 2011

Newest Aprons to Hit the Shop!

Our most recent addition! better late than never right ;)

I hope you love it!

The perfect Hostess apron for a Halloween get together, Fall party or baking cookies with the little ones! 

Black on black swirl print in the body of the apron. A full ruffle, pockets and waistband in a rich orange with black swirl print. These make the perfect complement!

A full 2 yards of fabric in the skirt makes a great twirl and flourish as you enter the room with your tray of sweets! 

Extra long ties for a big bow in back or a pop of cuteness to the front! 

Makes an excellent gift! 

Machine washable. Can be machine dried but would look oh so cute hangin' out on the line!! All seams double turned or edged for a clean finish and durability, as practical as it is adorable!

Comes Wrapped in a coordinating tissue and ribbon with a logo sticker, ready made for gift giving or unwrapping a little giftie for yourself!

Happy Baking! Enjoy!

I also made a few gifts and custom orders these past 2 weeks, and would love to share those with you as well. 

The first was for a very dear friend who just got married yesterday and this was made for her wedding shower. She loved it so much, she opened it the moment I walked through the door and wore it the whole night! What a wonderful gift for me, that she loved it so much! 

The other was actually a custom order received from that night from a guest who also loved it!


Bride's little black apron

guest's custom ordered apron


  1. OMG, are those pinnies???? :) Love them. Stopping from SITS.

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